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Understanding the demands of a corporate web presence is paramount to the success of the venture. An analytical approach to every stage of the design will result in a successful, precisely focused website that is a true tool to the company. The following article outlines some the major business web design considerations.

Identifying purpose

The purpose of a website can have a multitude of objectives and all of them equally as important as the next. Our specialisation is for business websites, meaning we focus heavily on attributes such as branding, corporate identity, corporate image manipulation, the sales environment and product identity

Team Makrobicz create websites that enhance corporate image. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the reputation they have already built is  followed through on their web activities.

All our websites aim to maintain product or company branding, while enhancing information delivery. The latest design trends together with careful planning are utilised to ensure that your website objectives are met.


Our websites are hand crafted by professionals in both design and web architecture. We believe in laying the foundations (structure, navigation, content, et cetera) and then applying design, just as you would expect. Unlike, the many graphic artists claiming to be web designers, we can offer a style rich solution that is compatible in any browser, on any platform, past, present and future.

Web Team

The right formula of people in a web team will ensure a successful website. Who should be on the Web Team?

Technical experts:  Team Makrobicz will guide you and advise you on the best technologies to use to achieve the desired results.

Marketing and sales:  You know your products and your customers, Team Makrobicz knows the web environment, together we ensure that activities reflect the image you wish to portray.

Content:  Good copy is essential for a successful website, our Team of experts are here to assist you in delivering your message in the most effective way.

Presence:  Your website is not successful unless it can be found easily by clients.  Unlike a bricks and mortar business, a website needs to be visible in search engines and directories. Team Makrobicz design websites that will achieve a high ranking for search terms in your field of business.


Our prices for a unique business web design start from £300 ( AU$750, US$480 ).

Typically, a website like this will cost approximately £700 (AU$1800, US$980)

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