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Our unique online marketing solutions are built around a core of understanding your business needs and the power of the world wide web. Our structured approach means you get a complete business solution, backed up with a primary action plan and a comprehensive list of recommendations.


Some websites are more successful than others, the success of each depends on the handling of a few major considerations and several minor ones. The Team Makrobicz online marketing services are structured as follows:

  • Market Analysis. Research into the existing online market for selected products and services including; availability, online sales methods, number of effective competitors, retail pricing structures and additional research in to the various industry specific areas (ISAs). 
  • Client Analysis. Research into product and service purchasers, their buying habits, age, gender, surfing habits, demographical data, internet access variables and successful sales colours.
  • Product Analysis. Research into product availability, past, present & future, unique concept credibility, Famous brand comparison, online purchasing convenience, goods handling, returns policies and guarantees .
  • Niche Market. A SWOT analysis from the variables detailed in the preceding items will identify how a product or service can be most suitably presented. This information will establish a niche market with the least amount of competitors.
  • Website Requirements. Once the Niche Market has been established, The actual requirements of a website can be defined including its function as a member of the sales force, the colour scheme, type of site, Search Engine optimisation, accessibility issues with the target audience, updating and the effects to the offline resources.
The conclusion of this analysis is laid out in a finely detailed Action Plan that highlights how to achieve the highest performance with your web presence and a list of recommendations to stay ahead in a live environment such as the world wide web.

Online Marketing - A Structured Approach

Business Analysis Features.

Market analysis
Client analysis
Product analysis
Business effects
SWOT Analysis
Establishing the Niche Market
Website requirements
Action Plan and strategic recommendations report.



Online marketing solutions start from £340 ( AU$950, US$530 )

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